AfriqVentures B.V.

AfriqVentures B.V. is an investment trading and business development company with a focus on the energy market in Africa. The main focus is creating and saving energy whereby we believe that sustainability and profitability go "hand in hand". We see it as our mission to employ our extensive international network and know-how in the energy world to secure and maximise reliable supply and access to energy, and to minimise the use of energy through LED lighting and other energy saving solutions. 
AfriqVentures B.V. is the parent Company of Dutch & Co, Ltd.

AfriqVentures is affliated with many European, North American and Asian suppliers, manufacturing and service companies. Through our efforts, AfriqVentures has opened the eyes of many companies to the vast amount of opportunities available in Africa. 
Our central objective is to "bridge Africa with the rest of the Energy Globe” with expert services including:

Procurement Service of Capital Goods & Services

AfriqVentures plays an active role in the procurement of capital goods & services from outside the African continent.  Our Procurement Service is based on an in depth knowledge of power plants, not only for the required equipment & parts but also the manufacturing companies existing in multiple locations around the globe. 

Our clients range from the public utility (for example the VRA in Ghana) to Privately Owned Power Producers (IPP’s). The scopes consist of identifying, sourcing and buying all the necessary equipment and parts for all thermal & hydro power plants in order to secure and improve the availability of their facilities. The Procurement Service implies that we will bring the original equipment manufacturers or equivalent products and expertise to our customers in Africa, following the principle of the best technology at the lowest cost.

Maintenance & Repair of Power Plants
In close cooperation with our wide network of premium partners, AfriqVentures is active in the maintenance and repair of Power Plants in Ghana - both in the area of Thermal Power Plants and Hydro Power Plants. We take pride in actively assisting our clients in Africa, by ensuring maximum availability of equipment’s and production in installed facilities. Further, we play an important role in business development in the replacement and extension of the installed base. In an ever expanding market environment, it is crucial to always be one step ahead and to have senior professionals with excellent relationships and know- how of the vastly changing Energy World. Based on our international experience of more than 50 years, we are an important and trusted partner to many companies.
AfriqVentures B.V. is registered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The company has offices in both Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Baden-Daetwill, Switzerland.