Hotel Solutions

There is no longer a reason to look beyond Africa for consultancy and advice on navigating the unique regional challenges that present themselves within the hospitality industry. 

If you are the initiator or owner of a hospitality project, the financial institution providing the funding, the operating brand without a base or resources in the region, or a government institution with tourism related development on the agenda, you will require professional capacity in this field.

Hotel Solutions is a limited liability company, registered and based in Accra, Ghana, and offers advise and solutions on a consultancy basis to stakeholders in the hospitality industry, and with the primary focus on Africa.

The focus of Hotel Solutions is to offer world class products and services with International allure from within West Africa, and to offer advice and services with emphasis on physical presence within Africa and provide indepth knowledge on the hotel market in Ghana, and the West African sub region.

Through a firm strategic partnerships between Dutch & Co and Hotel Solutions, the combined portfolio comprises;

•    Consultancy Services                    
•    Market studies and Business Plans
•    Hotel Development Assistance
•    Hotel Asset Management
•    Interior Design Concept and Implementation
•    Procurement support FF&E, SOE and other
•    LED light plan Design, Supply & Installation
•    Logistics & Warehousing
•    Client Representation
•    Local Development partnerships
•    Operator Searches
•    Facility Management Services 

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