Who are we?

Our business is lighting… our passion is the environment.

Our world evolves daily, and so do our lifestyles. The concepts of environmental awareness and sustainability have taken on new meaning, as the world becomes more mindful about climate protection. In the same vein, we have become increasingly aware of energy consumption levels, leading to the exploration of innovative solutions to reduce our energy usage and hence, bills.

Passion, at Dutch & Co. is fueled by offering practical LED lighting solutions and systems to our consumers.  For us, lighting goes beyond bulbs, luminaires and the ability to see. Lighting is a powerful technology, with the potential to change our lives and how we live it, with the effective, safe and creative potential of the LED.  Light is life, heightening our mood, stimulating our senses, essential in our ability to learn and create, and integral in maintaining a good well-being.

Our LED lighting solutions include the specification, procurement, design, selection and installation of LED lighting systems for both general and commercial lighting purposes.

Why LED?

LED's have revolutionized the nature of lighting with numerous possibilities for homes, commercial, outdoor, hospitality, industry, health and retail segments. With LED's, there is an incredible amount of control over our lighting environments than ever before – cost savings, light intensity, millions of colour variations, and adustable output power.

This opens to us a world of unlimited promise!

Curious about our LED and SOLAR Solutions, please contact us now !