Discover some of our cases

Residential Build

Dutch & Co was approached by a Client whose desire was to create some pleasing lighting aesthetics in his home. An RGB (red, blue and green hue colour changing) strip light solution was suggested for his stairway with pleasing results. 

Warehouse/Industrial Lighting (Tema)

A lighting audit of the Client’s warehouse was conducted and a lighting plan designed to ensure optimum light productivity. Existing conventional lights were supplied and installed with more efficient LED high bay alternatives resulting in a premium condition.

Adomi Bridge

Dutch and Co. was contacted to supply projector lights to light up the Adomi Bridge arc, which spans the Volta River, south of the Akosombo Dam. In addition, streetlights were installed to provide sufficient lighting for the deck.

Zaina Lodge Ghana

All interior and exterior lighting for the Zaina Lodge was supplied by Dutch & Co. after a lighting design was approved by the Client.  

Finatrade Group

Dutch & Co. supplied exterior light fixtures in conjunction with a Consultant  for the Finatrade Office building on the Spintex Road, Accra.

Airport Lighting

Dutch & Co worked in conjunction with a United States (US) based architectural design team to set the specification and positioning of all LED lights in the newly renovated space. This was done taking into consideration average lux levels, and the overall look and feel of the products to create a functional, compliant, energy efficient, and fluid lighting concept incorporating LED panels, LED down lights, suspended pendant fittings with LED T8 tubes, and LED emergency lighting.    


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