Solar powered coldstore in Ghana

For Wegdam Foodlink B.V.  (a Dutch meat company) Dutch&Co has installed 1252 Suntech solar panels with 16 Fronius symo inverters. We started 3 october 2016 and  commisioned this installation in December 2016. This installation is grid connected and all the solar power is directly used by the coldstore.

The 1212 solar panels of 290wp produce 351.5Kilo Watt piek of solar power.  In total per year this will be approximate 485.000 Kilowatt.

Per day the production is measured at approx 1150KW.  With an energy cost of € 0.40 (GHC 1.6) per KWh the total saving is € 460 per day.  This means total per year saving of ± € 165.000,-  The investment for this installation is approximate  € 375.000,-.  return of investment is 2.5 years.

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