Dutch & Co is a leading EPC contractor for both LED lighting and PV Solar projects and well positioned to meet the demand in a fast-growing market in Ghana and West Africa.

With the implementation of LED lighting, both retrofit and new-fit, we bring down the demand of electricity and operating cost in your facility, whilst enhancing the quality of illumination with a general healthier,  safer and environmentally friendlier surrounding.

Based on your load profile we use PV Solar to increase the supply of electricity in an environmentally friendly, sustainable manner.  

We inspect and assess your facility, design the required solutions, select and purchase the components, provide the logistics and build/install the end product. Our engineers customize the LED and PV Solar Solutions according to your location and needs.

Being an experienced EPC contractor with a proven track record we provide you with high-quality components, assist with possible questions regarding financing and monitor the operation of your installation with a permanent presence in the market that we operate in.